do you think the government has a right or duty to monitor our personal lives?

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Welcome one and all to freedom and truth!

Hello and welcome to you all. This site is here for all to have open honest discussion of freeman on the land topics, theories, results, and all else that comes with ones choices. i have noted most sites have gone the way of the conspiracy theorist and are not prepared to deal in reality. we here at this site are prepared to discuss freeman on the land in the real world. with all sides considered. this is not an anti government site; but a pro good government site. this is not anti police or anti lawyer. it is a place for discussion from those folks too. we are not religious in that we are not for, nor against any religion. just here for good honest informed debate on the issues facing freeman on the land, the general public, and those who have to deal with us on occassion.

you will not find an official list of rules. use your manners. sexism, racism, promotion of violence or any other form of beligerent stupidity will not be tolorated.

freeman on the land, law enforcement, lawyers, reporters,  and all others are welcome. just play fair and know sometimes we all have to admit when we are wrong.

thanks for coming! enjoy!

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